History of VSM in Canada
VSM Abrasives has a had a presence in Canada now for over 50 yrs. Originally converted by Thomas Abrasives from the late 60's to the late 80's and then VSM opened a wholly owned Subsidiary in 1991. Based in Oakville, Ontario we are located in the western part of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) conveniently close to the major highways.

VSM Abrasives Canada Inc. strives to be the best supplier you can interact with. Constantly working to offer better Service, Products and Quality. VSM is known world wide for Quality Abrasives. All Material is made in Germany with ISO9001 standards and as a member of OSA VSM adheres to strict safety guidelines for all products. 
In the Canadian market we sell through Distribution and work closely with End-Users to provide solution based products that provide a better way. Our goal is to provide End-Users with High Tech Products, Technical Support and Service you Deserve. VSM's Strategic Products includes VSMCERAMICS, VSM COMPACTGRAIN, VSM SUPERABRSIVES...
How everything started...
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