The Specialists for Quality

VSM Stands for Quality

At VSM we are committed to providing our customers the Highest Quality in the industry. The fact that VSM manufactures most of its raw materials and semi-finished products by itself leads to a comprehensive value-added process: Instead of buying from other manufacturers, VSM develops and produces all important basic materials backing cloths, synthetic resins and abrasive grains in-house, using only premium raw materials under continuous quality control. Unlike almost all other manufacturers of abrasives, VSM can use its cloth treatment plant, optimised through ongoing in-house research. This comprehensive way of manufacturing ensures consistent and reliable quality at all times.
VSM is ISO 9001:2000 certified and has therefore a firm basis for quality control. This guarantees that VSM can fulfill the highest performance requirements.

Strategic Products Offer Solutions

VSM has a High Performance Products that when combined with the technical know-how the can offer incredible value. Our Strategic Products have been developed to last longer finish finer, remove more stock and provide reliability. VSM CERAMICS, VSM COMPACTGRAIN, VSM SUPERABRASIVES are all cutting edge products for quality minded customer.