High Quality Products for a consistant Performance
Our High Quality series such as in-house improved aluminium oxide, silicon carbide and non-woven materials stand for a solid, constant performance and represent the basis of our wide product range. VSM High Quality products stand for high stock removal, long service life and hence for economical grinding. At the same time they achieve an improved surface quality.
For applications involving the dry machining of stainless and high-temperature steels we recommend using TOP SIZE products. Their additional lubricating layer provides increased stock removal rates and significantly reduced temperature in the grinding zone, which prevents workpiece structural changes.
Aluminium Oxide Products
VSM series made of premium aluminium oxide grain can be used in a vast array of applications. Aluminium oxide is a hard and durable grain that gives good life and solid cut. It is the universal grain for the machining of metal and wood surfaces.
Silicon Carbide Products
A special feature of VSM series made of silicon carbide is their high grade. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for machining of glass, minerals, ceramics, china, stone, titanium, varnishes, brass, bronze and steel (especially steel sheets).
Non-Woven Products
VSM surface conditioning material is a ''three dimensional abrasives'' made of nylon non-woven which is interspersed with abrasives grain. Due to different grit sizes and various layer materials non-woven products are suitable for the machining of nearly all surfaces and sophisticated finishing works. VSM quality on the usual high level!