High-Tech Products for Highest Requirements
Our High Tech-series offer VSM quality at the highest level. Due to the continous self-sharpening at the highest level of stock removal, an extra-long service life and hence an economical grinding are realised. At the same time they achieve an improved surface quality.
For applications involving the dry machining of stainless and high-temperature steels we recommend using TOP SIZE products. Their additional lubricating layer provides increased stock removal rates and significantley reduced temperature in the grinding zone, which prevents workpiece structural changes.
The VSM CERAMICS series are special products for aggressive but cool grinding. VSM CERAMICS ensure faster grinding while at the same time offering better surface finish and excellent stock removal rates. The cool grinding properties ensure long life and prevent surface discoloration. VSM CERAMICS are specifically suitable for grinding high alloyed steels, titanium, nickel alloys and all very hard materials.
VSM COMPACTGRAIN products are the abrasive for continuous grinding applications. Due uniform stock removal they achieve a consistent surface finish during their entire service life. This is VSM quality at its highest level. Compared to conventional abrasives, Compactgrain products achieve a more consistent surface with less set-up time.
Zirconia Alumina Products
Due to the outstanding cutting performance and the additional lubricating layer, our zirconia alumina series allow a very high stock removal with reduced temperature in the grinding zone. The cool grinding zone. The cool grinding leads to an extension of service life and the continuous generation of new cutting edges during the whole service life provides an improved service quality.